Whole30 – Day!!

I made it – 30 days down!

Ok so there may have been a few slips – a couple of sneaky wines, a tiny bit or sugar or yeast in stock (i just didn’t get to making my own on top of all the rest of the cooking!), but mostly my Whole30 was paleo perfect!

So I have cleared my skin, cut the sugar cravings, lost some weight, have heaps more energy, and have enjoyed cooking some new foods and finding a whole new Paleo/CrossFit Community.

Here are my stats:

Day 1beforeafter

  • weight = 65.5kgs
  • hips = 90cm
  • waist = 82cm
  • chest = 98cm

Day 30

  • weight = 60.3kgs
  • hips = 88cm
  • waist = 74cm (whoa – can definitely see the difference here!)
  • chest = 94cm

Tomorrow I try reintroducing legumes – let’s see if there are an noticeable effects…


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