Whole30 Challenge – beginning is imminent

MargaritasI never do things by halves, so I figure the best way to go paleo is to kick off with a Whole30 challenge.  I’ve been considering starting for several weeks now, but kept putting it off as ‘life’ gets in the way.

But I’m sick of ‘life’ making me feel crappy and am ready to give this lifestyle change a proper go – after my 30th birthday party this weekend (sorry Dallas & Melissa I just couldn’t skip the cocktails on my 30th).

I’m hoping the Whole30 can help me cut cravings, reset my metabolism, sleep better, and even get rid of some pesky skin conditions.  I can’t wait to bound out of bed rather than dragging myself across the floor to the nearest coffee establishment.

Follow me on my path to paleo!


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  1. Kerry says:

    wow I’m impressed – good luck!


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