Whole30 Prep – Vegelicious

vegeliciousToday I woke up feeling a little sorry for myself after quiet a large birthday night out.  I enjoyed champagne, several margaritas, a punch bowl, a nice pilsner beer, coffee flavoured tequila and a very delicious but very non-paleo friendly Asian banquet!

I spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing food for my first week on the Whole30.   With inspiration from Well Fed, I prepped a mountain of fresh veggies and protein in advance so that during the week I (hopefully) won’t run out of paleo friendly food and be stuck in a panic with nothing to eat.

This is what I prepared:

  • pumpkin soup – for any time!
  • grilled chicken thighs on the BBQ – for easy lunches and dinners
  • fried lamb mince in coconut oil – for moussaka & faux fried rice
  • chopped cauliflower –  for faux fried rice
  • roasted cauliflower – to have with the chicken and other veg
  • grilled eggplant on the BBQ – for moussaka
  • moussaka – for delicious eats!

I’m all ready for the week – wish me luck!


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  1. drmoll2011 says:

    Hi, Holly! Like the look of your blog – very refreshing! I am starting a Whole30 today, too…and spent the day cooking as well. Best of luck to us both!


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