Whole30 – Day 6: Feeling Alright

saladI made some really delicious meals today – although only remembered to take a photo of lunch before chowing down.

Here is what I hoarded and prepared:

  • Meal 1 – zucchini & bacon fritters with onion relish from Eat Drink Paleo.  These were seriously delicious.  I varied the recipe by using coconut flour instead of tapioca, and I omitted the gluten free baking flour – the end product certainly didn’t suffer. The fritters were crispy on the outside, moist and creamy on the inside, salty from the bacon, and the onion relish gave it a lovely sweet touch
  • Meal 2 – salad of left over chicken, olives, roast cauliflower and other bits and bobs, served with a scoop of the cashew hummus I made yesterday (also from Eat Drink Paleo)
  • Meal 3 – kangaroo lettuce cup tacos with avo-naise – seriously good.  For the avo-naise I blended 1x avo, 2x spoons homemade mayo, 1/2 lime juice, splash tabasco, handful coriander, pinch of salt and pepper; I am seriously addicted to homemade mayo!

My energy levels are returning today, and I’m generally feeling content and full between meals.  Don’t even seem to be craving sugar/chocolate too much which is a miracle!  My hermit-like tendencies the last few days have certainly helped, as I have been removed from the temptations of office cake and afternoon 7-Eleven chocolate runs (both serious weaknesses – usually unable to turn down).

Right now I’m feeling pretty good and thinking paleo eating is pretty rad.


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