Whole30 – Day 7: Coffee Expo!

I had to work at an important event this morning (Event Manager by day), so quickly made Eat Drink Paleo’s Chai Banana Porridge before heading out the door. The porridge tasted good and made my belly warm, but I felt it was just too nutty and didn’t feel like finishing the serving.  I grabbed a cold boiled egg to add some protein.

After work and a few laps in the pool I was starving; definitely don’t think the porridge is the best choice when doing a Whole30 and trying not to snack. Lunch was a quick chilli tuna salad with homemade mayo…hmm too much mayo? Then out the door to –

The Melbourne International Coffee Expocoffee expo

The expo was a massive celebration of all things coffee, and coffee being a big thing in Melbourne, this was pretty much the pinnacle of hip. We wandered the exhibition halls and checked out the very cool designs of the stands; watched coffee being brewed, dripped, poured and syphoned; and tasted a range of delicious brews, teas, chai and hot chocolate (I skipped the last two). We tried to watch the world barista championships but couldn’t get in to the arena as it was soo popular! Who knew that a coffee expo could be so well received – only in Melbourne!

The weekly cook up

Sunday afternoons are quickly turning into the weekly cooking session. Here’s what I prepared:

  • chicken, leek & pumpkin soup
  • roasted capsicums stuffed with lamb mince and Italian herbs – inspiration from Practical Paleo
  • breakfast frittata with ham and veg (ok I didn’t make that one the hubby did)

All ready to tackle week 2!


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