Whole30 – Day 28: Sunday Prepday


I spent a lazy winter day at home cleaning out some old boxes (still unpacked from last time we moved), and prepping up a whole heap of Paleo food for the week ahead.

Only 2 days of the Whole30 to go, but planning on staying Paleo while I test reintroducing legumes, dairy, non-gluten grains and gluten grains.

Today I made:

  • Lemongrass pumpkin soup from the Eat Drink Paleo cookbook. I didn’t actually have any lemongrass but it was still delicious and fragrant with kaffir lime, turmeric and coconut flavours
  • Ham and mushroom egg muffins for easy breakfasts this week

And prepped:

  • Beef and pork mince sautéed with tomato and eggplant – ready to stuff in capsicums and bake for dinner this week
  • Faux cauliflower rice for fried rice

And ate:

  • Sweet potato hash with pork sausage, fried egg and Mexican hot sauce. This is my favourite weekend breakfast, and even better as it is made for me!
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Banana and a handful of nuts
  • Lamb roast with sweet potato, carrots and pear and steamed broccoli



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