Whole30 – Day 25: Big changes

Ok I’ve been talking a lot about what I’m eating and how delicious it is, but back to how I am feeling… Am I noticing physical/mental changes after 3.5 weeks of Paleo?

Yes I have lost weight, although I’ve not yet weighed myself I can tell in my clothes.
Yes my skin is clearer, less red/ puffy in the face. Although my suspected rosacea has improved it hasn’t cleared.
No my psoriasis hasn’t cleared, although is a little better. I’ve been listening to That Paleo Show podcasts and suspect that the skin condition is caused by inflammation caused by something I’m eating – I just haven’t worked out what…
Yes I have more energy, waking up at 6am is not as difficult (it is still winter, cold and dark and I am not superhuman).
Yes I feel more satisfied with meals and less hungry between meals – now that I am eating good fats and eliminating carbs and sugar which peak insulin levels and train the body to use glucose for energy (instead of fat).
Yes my afternoon sugar cravings have gone (most days).
Yes I really enjoy the food and don’t generally find eating Paleo difficult (except maybe wine and chocolate which I will be consuming post Whole30).

I am reading up on reintroducing food groups post Whole30, and planning on the following;
(Note that the rest of the diet stays Whole30 compliant during the period)

Day 1, Wed 19th June – reintroduce legumes
Day 4, Sat 22nd June – reintroduce dairy
Day 7, Tues 25th June – reintroduce non-gluten grains
Day 10, Fri 28th June – reintroduce gluten-containing grains

Pending adverse reactions I would like to incorporate some dairy (yoghurt, cheese), legumes (I love Mexican food with pinto/black beans) and non-glutinous grains (quinoa, rice) into my diet, so it will be interesting to see how the reintroduction phase goes.


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