Reintroducing legumes and dairy

20130623-184505.jpgPost Whole30 and a weekend away to Daylesford for our 1 year anniversary!
Last week I had Wednesday reintroducing legumes. I ate some peanut butter and some tempeh. I felt ok, a little gassy but no other noticeable side effects. I would like to include small amounts of legumes in my day to day diet, i.e beans with Mexican, chickpeas for Moroccan meals and miso for Japanese, so I hope small amounts for these meals will be ok for my digestion and health.
Yesterday I reintroduced dairy – whoa went a little crazy… I consumed:
  • milk in 2x coffees
  • butter in scrambled eggs
  • cheese (cheddar, blue, brie, goats) as part of an antipasto platter for lunch
  • cream in the broth of a seafood meal for dinner
  • creme brûlée for dessert
  • Oh and 3x mini chocolates

Phew – think I definitely overdid it!  I felt a bit heavy and yuck in the tummy after my milky coffees in the morning. The cheese at lunch was ok at the time.  Dinner was out at Kazuki’s restaurant in Daylesford.  The 3x course meal was really good.  I didn’t actually realise that the rockling and scampi main that I ordered was going to have cream in the sauce – but it was delicious.  No issues while I was eating….  But last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore/hot tummy, definitely had the cheese (or dairy) sweats. So I have learnt that I need to minimise dairy if I am too include at all.

Today we visited The Chocolate Mill and bought some handmade dark chocolate and truffles -yum!  More dairy, so have to control portions so as not to feel ill again…

20130623-184441.jpgI will give dairy a rest for the next week and then maybe try some yoghurt to see how I go with small amounts of dairy. I am keen to include yoghurt in breakfasts as I really enjoy it with fruit and paleo granola and the probiotics are good for digestive health.
This week I am due to test glutinous and non-glutinous grains…
Oh – I also found this delicious paleo friendly snack bar by Emma & Tom’s – just dates, cashew, cacao and orange oil – really good!

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  1. When I reintroduced dairy I found problems with fresh milk and cream. Now I avoid them but am fine with cheese, yoghurt and ice cream. Strange but just seems to be the fresh stuff that messes me up!


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