Welcome to Good Food Lyfe!

Hey there!  Welcome to my blog Good Food Lyfe, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs.  Here I’ll be sharing my own health and wellness journey through nutrition, my current experience as an Nutritional Therapy student, whole-food and paleo inspired recipes, nutrition advice, and general banter.

So what is a #GoodFoodLyfe?   For me life has always revolved around food.  So much of our social interactions, family time and holidays revolve around eating and celebrating with food.  But it wasn’t until my 30’s that I realised the food I was putting into my body could make me feel amazing… or not so much.  Through countless hours of research, and studies with the Nutritional Therapy Association, I now realise how important the food we eat is to our bodies’ ability to function.

Sure, you might be reading this as a bullet-proof party animal; or maybe you think that kale is for rabbits and can’t remember the last time a vegetable passed your lips; or perhaps you think you’re pretty healthy drinking skinny lattes and cutting the fat off your steak… either way, what you choose to fuel yourself with, and how you live your life WILL catch up with you.  Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe not until you’re 88.

For me, it caught up with me two years ago, when a chain of events culminated in a little (ok major) life crisis.  I was left burnt out, feeling crappy, and with a list of diagnoses as long as my grocery list.  I’ll be posting more about my journey back to wellness through nutrition and lifestyle, so be sure to follow me here or @goodfoodlyfe on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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