Going Sugar-Free

I’m not really sure how I got to be where I am today – totally addicted to sugar.

I thought that after my Whole30 challenge and love of new-found Paleo lifestyle I would have kicked my lifelong habit to the curb – sadly no.

iqs-logoSometime after finishing my Whole30, the chocolate came back in, then a few little Paleo treats – muffins made with honey/ maple syrup here, then a piece of cake at work there, snacking on dried fruit – and I was well and truly back on the sugar wagon.  Throw in a vacation in Fiji with copious amount of cocktails and I was totally addicted again.

I carried on this way for the last month – trying to pretend I wasn’t addicted, not really wanting to give it up, but hating feeling like sugar owned me, and literally feeling the return of sugar induced brain fog and lethargy.

Until today.  Today I begin Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program.  An 8-week commitment to try and get un-addicted to sugar once and for all.  Whilst the program contains meal plans and the like, I’m more interested in the strategy tips and support for getting sugar out of my diet.

I’m still going for mostly Paleo, grains are out of my diet, except for the occasional serve of rice in sushi (which will now also be out as apparently sushi rice has sugar in it).  Legumes are mostly out – although a few times I have ordered a takeaway soup to discover beans or chickpeas in with the ‘veg’, and I am still partial to hummus from time to time.  Dairy is still in for me – a little bit of yogurt here, a dash of milk in tea there, a cube of cheese – this doesn’t bother me and I don’t seem to have any of the adverse reactions I do when I consume grains/gluten (gassy bloated tummy).

So Day 1 no sugar (well except the few strawberries with my yogurt and Paleo granola for breakfast – small portions of fruit are allowed in Week 1/ Week 2 = no fruit).  It’s only lunchtime though.  Around the corner are the mid-afternoon sugar pick me up, and the after dinner sweet treat zones…


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  1. Good luck, I am starting sugar free tomorrow using David Gillespies book. 🙂


  2. staceyfmason says:

    Oh lord, this was like reading about myself… I have the I quit sugar book, and know all the Paleo rules, have kept in some dairy but everything else is out. But you are right, the Paleo treats now and then and all of a sudden…. there is a Tim Tam in my hand….


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