Whole30 – Day 9: Biggest Loser!

paleo porridgeLots of yummy leftovers to eat today!  Still looking for the 3.30pm sweet fix, but seem to be able to manage it for now.

Meal 1 – breakfast frittata with ham and veg & small serve Eat Drink Paleo’s Chai Banana Porridge
Meal 2 – roasted capsicum stuffed with lamb mince and Italian herbs with beans and spinach
Snack – 2x baby carrots with cashew dip while making dinner
Meal 3 – rosemary garlic roast chicken thigh and pumpkin with greens

Watching the Biggest Loser Finale (lame I know) – lots of inspirational achievements!


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  1. I love your blog! I like to eat Sesame and Honey bars and I am pretty sure they are healthy, the bars are usually wafer thin but packed full of flavour!


  2. hollygopaleo says:

    Yum they sound delicious! Honey is ok in moderation, but not approved for the Whole30…


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