Whole30 – Day 10: Eeep Butter!

Whole30 fail.  I just ate some hollandaise sauce….

So breakfast this morning was out with some workmates before the daily grind.  The new gastro-pub down the road was offering FREE breakfast as a promotion for  their kitchen opening.  The breakfast menu was somewhat limited – lots of bread, gluten-ified fritters, bircher muesli, etc – not paleo friendly.  Beacuase of the free offer you were not allowed to modify the menu options, so I settled for poached eggs with ham, potato hash and hollandaise.  I asked if the hash was flour fee (which it was), but failed to think about what it might be fried in – it was deep fried so I assumed vege oil and quickly moved to the side of the plate.  I asked for the hollandaise on the side (thinking I would leave it on the side) but my meal came with the sauce on the eggs AND an extra side – damn!  So I scrapped of what I could and went ahead and ate my meal.  And you know what?  It really wasn’t that good.   Afterwards I had an overly full sinking feeling in my tummy…. boo.roast veg

The funny thing is I would have thought my first slip would be sugar.  But sneaky butter made it in instead.

The rest of the day was perfectly paleo; tuna and avocado salad for lunch; an apple for a snack this afternoon (fully conscious that I am propping my afternoon snack habit up with apples – must cut the leash here); and lamb roast for dinner.  Yes that’s right, lamb roast on a school night!  My mum flew in from out of town and prepared a whole roast lamb leg with roast sweet potato, beets, capsicum, onion and pear – pretty amazing!


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  1. Canadianadia says:

    Well done on managing eating out. It’s not a fail, it’s a feedback wheather you decide to restart or not. Main thing is that you went back to compliant eating right away. This is huge!


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