Whole30 – Day 11: paleo restrictive?

One thing Paleo gets critisised for is being a restrictive diet – because yes we are cutting out whole food groups here. But the thing is I really don’t feel like I am denying myself food. I feel like I’m actually eating a lot, and I’m generally feeling really satisfied by these meals, so that I’m not looking in the cupboards (or desk drawer) a few hours later.

Today I ate:

  • Meal 1 – breakfast frittata with egg and veggies & Chai Banana Porridge. Both servings were on the smaller side so I thought – heck why not combine them together into one big breaky – yum
  • Meal 2 – left over roast lamb, beetroot, sweet potato and pear with baby spinach and cucumber. Really delicious and filling
  • Meal 3 – grilled salmon, coleslaw with homemade mayo dressing, broccoli and pumpkin

At the moment I’m not really missing anything, except maybe chocolate. And I think (read hoping) once I get through the 30 days I will be able to include dark chocolate in my diet, I just won’t be ruled by it, i.e “EAT ME NOW” “EAT THE WHOLE BLOCK”.

I find explaining why I am doing the Whole30 and considering going paleo full time a little hard to explain to the non-paleos. People don’t get why you would go against the health organisation and their damn food pyramid; and why would you, these organisations are looking out for our health right? More like the big food companies are the new big tobacco…

But there are so many great resources out there to stock up on this knowledge.  This week I am listening to That Paleo Show – a great podcast to listen to for anyone starting their paleo journey.


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  1. wodprincess says:

    Keep up the good work Holly! How are you doing your meal prep? All at once or meal by meal? That’s one of my huge struggles is prepping my food; I am super busy and sometimes I don’t plan ahead and get caught having to pick something up fast (and isn’t paleo). Thanks!


    1. hollygopaleo says:

      Hi, I’ve been doing a bit of a prep session on a Sunday arvo, which takes me through to about Wednesday, then a few easy meals at the end of the week. I’m always trying to make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch- then it’s super easy in the morning!


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