Whole30 – Day 12: Ssam Pork

Whoa super sleep-in – slept too late and missed my Pilates class dammit. Body still detoxing I think as I’m feeling a bit tired and head-achy today.

Put on my skinny jeans this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find they were less tight. Let’s just say they were well on the muffin-toppy side 12 days ago.

Breakfast & Lunch today were more leftovers – loving having quick easy meals ready as I run out the door in the morning. Tonight I’m heading to a friends house for dinner and drinks, where my brother-in-law who is a top chef is cooking ssam pork with kimchi. I just need to avoid the wine and all the other snack options that will be on offer!

  • Meal 1 – breakfast frittata (again – it’s just so easy) – this one had grated sweet potato, lamb, mushroom, tomato and pumkin
  • Meal 2 – salmon, coleslaw with mayo dressing and steamed pumpkin
  • Meal 3 – ssam pork & kimchi – check out how delicious it looks!



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