Whole30 – Day 13

I can’t believe I’m at day 13 – so close to halfway!  A few people today commented on how clear my skin was looking – bonus!

eggsI’ve eaten out for the last 3 meals and think I’ve done pretty well managing to avoid all alcohol on offer – which included cocktails, champagne, and top quality red and white wine.  I have to say that the nice wine was the most difficult test so far.  The ssam pork was delicious and it was easy enough to avoid the non-paleo items  at the dinner party last night.

I spent the day out and about in the city today with family visiting from interstate.

We breakfasted at local cafe Julio, where I enjoyed 2x excellent long blacks and breakfast of poached eggs, ham, avocado and spinach.

After shopping in town we had a late lunch at Solarino cafe in the city. I’d been there before and had delicious pasta so thought the rest of the menu might be ok…. I was wrong, it was really limiting for paleo.  I settled on a calamari salad after asking to have the calamari sans flour.  It was really basic – just calamari, rocket and a tiny bit of tomato, so needless to say I was starving again by 6pm.

Once we got home I smashed a whole heap of leftovers that were in the fridge from the week (all small portions):

  • coleslaw with mayo dressing
  • chicken soup
  • pear
  • chai banana porridge

And I’m finally full!

We’re off to a gig tonight – so more willpower required to avoid the bar.


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