Whole30 – Day 17: No more eggs!

Today I woke up and was starving and wanted to scoff like a whole bowl of muesli with yogurt and milk… I didn’t.  I ate a banana and made some scrambled eggs, and left the house not feeling very satisfied and definitely feeling over eggs. Need to look up some recipes for smoothies so I can have a break from eggs for a bit.

At work I was really craving carbs/sugar and wanted to go get a large latte and a muffin. So annoying as I thought I was over the cravings part!  It really did take a lot of effort not to go carb crazy. I basically just thought of how bad I would feel if I ate a whole heap of grains and dairy after coming so far on my Whole30 challenge.  I really want to finish the 30 days as true to paleo as possible.

Lunch was leftover macadamia crusted fish and coleslaw with green tea.

I was out for Vietnamese at a local ‘el cheapo’ restaurant this evening. Chose a chicken pho with veg instead of noodles, which was nice and filling. My friend was suspicious of MSG though – definitely not 100% Paleo, but I tried!



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  1. msssjenna says:

    have your leftovers for breakfast!


  2. If you can find some compliant salami (try the deli counter?) I like to have that with chopped raw veggies for breakfast. It takes minutes to prepare and is really satisfying!


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