Whole30 – Day 18 & 19: Celebration time!

Yesterday my husband and I put in an offer to buy a pretty cool apartment in the city – and by the afternoon our offer had been accepted!  Soo exciting.  I just had to celebrate this big life occasion – it’s our first home not renting and we are soo looking forward to it!

So last night we went out to celebrate.  My food choices were still good – steak and salad, but I did allow myself to have a glass of champagne and half a glass of red wine.   I knew that I was breaking the Whole30 – but to me it it was worth it.

Tonight there is a big post-work celebration for 3x colleagues that are moving on, it will be sad to see them go, and yes there will be more alcohol involved.  I plan to be very moderate…

yesterdays meals – chicken salad & 400g rib eye

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  1. msssjenna says:

    awesome, and congratulations to you both!


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