Whole30 – Day 20: Food Shopping

Yay the weekend! And three days off with the Queen’s Birthday holiday on Monday!20130608-204441.jpg

So I certainly fell off the Whole30 wagon last night, having 3x glasses of bubbles at the farewell party for my work colleagues. In the grand scheme of things though I’m pretty proud of myself for not having 10x drinks and a bowl of chips.

Back on the Whole30 straight and narrow today with only 10 days to go – I am determined to actually finish this challenge, even if I haven’t been squeaky clean paleo the entire time.

With some time on our hands today we had the chance to head to one of the Vietnamese grocery stores on Victorian Street, Richmond, where we picked up a whole bag of veg for $23 – so fresh and half the price of the supermarket. We finally made it over to this great organic butcher in Hawthorn – Cannings – to stock up on grass-fed organic meat.  Left with a big paper bag full of: 4x lamb shanks, 1kg of beef/pork mince, 1kg stewing beef and 1kg of sausages – all up about $60, bargain.

The paleo lifestyle encourages sourcing organic/free-range/grass-fed meat wherever possible.  Finding free-range chicken is easy enough, but a lot of butchers don’t seem to stock the grass-fed beef/pork/lamb, so I’m stoked to have finally made it to Cannings.

Today I ate:

  • Meal 1 – sweet potato and pork hash with spinach and fried eggs. This is my hubby’s specialty of late- always amazing, especially with some Mexican hot sauce.  Also popped down the street to one of our favourite cafe and bean roasters the Espresso Room to stock up
  • Meal 2 – chicken and vege soup – leftovers made by mum
  • Meal 3 – beef sausages with sautéed purple cabbage, onion & apple and a side of steamed broccoli

Off to the movies – life is good!


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