Whole30 – Day 23: weekend round up

Ok I was a bit lazy over the rest of the weekend and didn’t post – but I did continue with shopping for, making and eating delicious paleo friendly 20130611-160742.jpgmeals.  And all of a sudden here I am on Day 23.  I’m still loving eating paleo foods, although as I come closer to 30 days I am finding myself thinking about a few non-Whole30 food types that I am looking forward to enjoying again – namely wine and dark chocolate!

We prepared some delicious slow-cooked meals over the weekend with all our free-range, grass-fed meat.

On Saturday I made Primal Junction’s chunky chili con carne.  Slow cooked on the stove for 3 hours, it was delicious!  We had some non-paleo friends over for dinner that night and they loved it too!  Yay.  I did alter the recipe slightly in that the mince we used was half/half beef and pork – this worked really well, even better than my last attempt.  We served the chili with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed greens.

Had the BEST BACON EVER on the weekend – Otway Pork Smoked Bacon. AMAZING.

The hubby also cooked up some lamb shanks last night – recipe courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo. We don’t have a pressure cooker, so did 2.5 hrs in the oven instead – worked a treat.  The only failure being that we forgot to make cauliflower mash, so had steamed broccoli instead.  Mash would be great to soak up all the delicious sauce!

20130611-160711.jpgI also made it along to my first CrossFit class at Charge CrossFit – phew what a weekend!  The class was working in teams of 3 in a circuit doing kettle-ball swings, squats, push ups, planks, running, overhead weight holds, etc.  As I was the newbie I was teamed with 2x others returning from injury which worked quiet well.  My legs are certainly feeling it today.

CrossFit goal #1 – be able to do 1x pull-up.  I know 1x sounds like nothing but they are soo hard and my arms are soo weak.  Looking forward to getting fitter and stronger!


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